Medical Transportation Accreditation Standards



A. Introduction

The Medical Transportation program is developed to create a baseline of expectations for the quality of medical transport services. It also reflects patient rights during transport, safe vehicle performance and other practices.

B. Aim

To embed high quality and reliable medical transportation services.

C. Framework and guiding principles of HCAC Hospital Standards

These standards have been developed for organizations that provide medical transport services, which include those responsible for emergency treatment and transport; nonemergency transport; ambulance services (public or private); land, air, and fire brigade emergency services. The service may be a free-standing organization or associated with a larger organization, such as a hospital.

D. Eligible Institutions

Any medical transport institution currently operating in Jordan.

Any institution willing to assume responsibilities for quality improvement.

Any institution addressing services that are listed in the Key Principles of Medical Transport Services standards.

E. Organization of the standards Manual

The standards are grouped according to the following functions or ―clusters, as they are called in the Manual:

Cluster 1: Organization and Management (OM)

Cluster 2: Access and Continuity of Care (AC)

Cluster 3: Information Management (IM)

Cluster 4: Human Resources (HR)

Cluster 5: Patient Care (PC)

Cluster 6: Patient and Family Rights (PR)

Cluster 7: Infection Prevention and Biological Control (IC)

Cluster 8: Clinical and Environmental Safety (ES)

Cluster 9: Quality Management and Performance Improvement (QI)

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