The HCAC provides a range of consultation services to institutions and governments on how to address and embrace quality improvement and promote patient safety. These services are designed in a way to ensure presence with the client in the entire process: ranging from the basics of a gap/need analysis, moving towards strategic planning, implementation, all the way to preparation for accreditation. It provides organizations and professionals with the tools and skills they require to drive their institutions towards continuous quality improvement.

Our consultation approach is based on the belief of on the job training and complete transfer of knowledge, to ensure that any institution we work with can sustain the activities once the engagement has ended.

HCAC Consultation Services include: 
  • Advising government bodies and private organizations on how to build effective quality management systems (including national accreditation systems and standards development).
  • Preparing healthcare organizations for accreditation standards requirements.
  • Collaborating with leaders in healthcare organizations to select and implement the appropriate quality improvement tools.
  • Providing onsite consultation for healthcare organizations on change management for quality and patient safety.
  • Advising governments and private organizations on how to transcribe standards.
  • Training national consultants on how to help hospitals prepare facilities for accreditation.