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International Affiliation and Recognitions

The Health Care Accreditation Council is a member of the International Society for Quality in Health Care Federation, a global organization aimed at inspiring, promoting and supporting continuous improvement in the safety and quality of health care worldwide.

One of ISQua’s programs is accrediting healthcare standards, surveyor training programs as well as organizations. HCAC is proud to be the 5th in the world and the first independent free standing entity in the Arab Region to achieve all three ISQua awards.

  • Hospital Standards Accreditation Award 2007
  • HCAC Surveyors Training Accreditation Award 2009
  • HCAC Organizational Award 2010
  • Hospital Standards 2nd Edition Accreditation Award 2012
  • Primary Health Care Centers 2nd Edition Accreditation Award 2012
  • Brest Imaging Units Standards Certification Award 2012
  • Medical Transportation Standards Certification Award 2012
  • Cardiac Standards Certification Award 2013
  • Diabetes Miletus Standards Certification Award 2013

Further information on the ISQua Accreditation Council and the members can be found at: www.isqua.org

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