Accreditation Programs

We strive to bring essential challenges to healthcare institutions in order to improve quality. We focus on our role as an accreditor through many initiatives including:

• Development of healthcare standards.
• Recruitment and certification of surveyors.
• Accreditation of healthcare institutions and programs.
  • Development of
    Healthcare Standards
  • Accreditation of Healthcare
    Institutions and Programs
Patient centered standards

The standards are developed with the focus on the Patient rather than the staff or healthcare providers,

Patient-centered care is based on several key principles: Dignity and respect:
  • Dignity and respect: Incorporating the values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds of clients into the planning and delivery of care; resolving complaints and conflicts as soon as possible.
  • Information sharing: Encouraging clients to share their perspectives & questions and healthcare professionals providing information regarding illness & treatment options in terms that the client can understand.
  • Participation: Preparing and supporting clients and families to participate in care at the level they choose.
  • Continuity: Providing care across the continuum; designing systems that promote seamless transitions between home, hospital, primary health care, and the community.

All HCAC standards are not prescriptive; this characteristic is embedded in all sets of standards. The standard statement is a general statement that provides guidance to the healthcare institution on what to do. The implementation and how to meet the standard requirements are left open to the discretion of the institution however, the healthcare institution needs to assure that evidence-base practices are always considered in the implementation of the standards to support the effectiveness of all actions and at all times.

The development of standards starts with extensive desktop research and literature review followed by international benchmarking and local sensitization. The first draft is then shared with local experts in the field to ensure comprehensiveness, applicability and usability. After that, international experts are sought to review and provide feedback to ensure that the standards are internationally acceptable and evidence-based before field testing. Every 3-4 years, the standards are updated, improved and expanded based on current evidence.

Our accreditation programs include standards development, implementation of these standards in addition to the survey process.

To date, HCAC has the following accreditation and certification programs:

  • Hospital Accreditation Program.
  • Primary Health Care and Family Planning Centers Accreditation Program.
  • Breast Imaging Units Certification Program.
  • Medical Laboratories Accreditation Program.
  • Ambulatory Care Program.
  • Dental Care Accreditation Program.
  • Community Pharmacies Accreditation Program.
  • Medical Transport Certification Program.
  • Diabetes Mellitus Certification Program.
  • Cardiac Care Certification Program.
  • Family Planning and Reproductive Health Centers of Excellence Certification Program.

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