HCAC Accreditation

HCAC accreditation is a recognition that a healthcare institution or program has met the defined number of standards for quality and safety of their services, and that it can be recognized for it for a specific period of time.

Our accreditation model sees the accreditation process as an ongoing drive for continuous improvement, in which healthcare institutions and professionals become the managers of their own development.

Why Get Accredited?

The identified benefits of accreditation are often viewed as:

  • Enhancing patient safety by effectively managing and mitigating clinical and safety related risks.
  • Ensuring an acceptable level of quality among healthcare providers.
  • Stimulating sustainable quality improvement (QI) and continuously raising the QI initiatives’ bar.
  • Enhancing institutions’ understanding of the continuum of care by focusing on performance improvement.
  • Polishing the reputation amongst end-users and enhancing their awareness and perception of quality care and boosting healthcare facilities’ competitiveness edge.
  • Promoting capacity-building and institutional learning.
  • Providing a framework that assists in the creation and implementation of systems and processes that improve operational effectiveness and enhance positive health outcomes.


Who We Accredit?

HCAC strives to bring essential challenges to healthcare institutions in order to improve quality. To date, HCAC provides accreditation and certification services for:

  • Hospitals
  • Primary Health Care Centers
  • Breast Imaging Units
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Ambulatory Centers
  • Dental Clinics and Centers
  • Community Pharmacies
  • Medical Transport Services
  • Diabetes Mellitus programs
  • Cardiac Care programs