Who is a Surveyor?

A person with an in-depth knowledge of quality, accreditation and healthcare accreditation standards; has effective communication, interviewing, and teaching skills; and is considered to be a “peer” by the healthcare institution or program that is being assessed by said surveyor.

An HCAC Certified Surveyor benefits the surveyors themselves, their institutions and the healthcare sector as a whole.

  • Benefits for Surveyors
  • Benefits for the Surveyors Institutions
  • Benefits for the Healthcare Sector
  • An opportunity to learn from other institutions
  • A chance to contribute to the quality of services in institutions
  • Recognition of personal achievement and excellence in the field
  • An opportunity for professional networking
  • Training that meets international requirements
  • Complimentary HCAC publications, including the standards manual
  • New ideas generation
  • An opportunity for innovations to be shared with others
  • Exposure to national and international trends in the field
  • Staff members who are up-to-date with changes in healthcare quality and accreditation
  • Peer review based on field-responsive standards that ensure quality services
  • The exchange of ideas and practices
Become an HCAC Certified Surveyor

HCAC is committed to preparing local professionals for this role and follows well-defined, internationally recognized system for surveyor’s recruitment and selection that support HCAC mission and values related to impartiality, and transparency. The surveyor’s selection criteria are reviewed and on regular basis, taking into consideration HCAC needs to fulfil surveyors’ skill matrix.

Once there is a need to recruit new surveyors, HCAC will announce that in the HCAC website, social media platforms and communicate that to all stakeholders, including HCAC certified surveyors, accredited organizations, and Board of Directors. The advertisements outline the selection criteria and the contact details.