Change Day Campaign

Under the Patronage of HRH Princess Mona Al-Hussein,The Health Care Accreditation Council In Conjunction with the World Patient Safety Day Campaign Launched by the World Health Organization,Under the Theme (Health Worker Safety: A Priority for Patient Safety)

Is Launching the “Change Day” Initiative For the Seventh Year in a Row On 17/9/2020 Under the Theme (For our Own Safety, First and Foremost, We Can Change)

To highlight initiatives ensuring the safety of health care workers and, consequently, the safety of patients and visitors 17/9/2020

What pledge or innovative idea for an activity or initiative can you contribute as a health care institution manager or worker on the “Change Day” initiative?

Make your pledge anytime before 17/9/2020 and carry it out on the Change Day, in order to make the change!

Share the idea of your initiative or your institution's activity on the Change Day to inspire many with your pledge! Help us promote the improvement of health care services toward our vision of improving health care services.

What is Change Day?

Change Day is the day on which pledgers fulfill their pledges to improve health care services and activate the principles of patient safety and rights. Through Change Day, HCAC aims to motivate all health care workers and institutions to pledge, before Change Day, to provide the best health care services through innovative activities and events, then fulfill their pledges as of the Change Day; which will help improve the quality of health care service provided in Jordan.

How is the Change Day initiative carried out this year?

By calling on all health care managers and workers to make their pledges before 17/9/2020 by proposing innovative initiatives and activities beyond their day-to-day work routine, such that their pledges ensure the safety of health care workers as the frontline, which will have a positive impact on the safety of patients and visitors of their institutions. These innovative pledges will be fulfilled as of the “Change Day” on 17/9/2020 in order to activate the principles of public safety in health care institutions in Jordan, particularly in times of crises.

How can I make a pledge?

Whether you are a health care manager, leader or worker, you can make a pledge within one of the pre-set themes. All you need to do is to fill out your pledge form before 17/9/2020; to enrich the Change Day Initiative and carry out your pledge on Change Day. Everyone, regardless of their job title or nature of their work, can join us and make a difference in health care services regarding the safety of workers, especially in these difficult circumstances. If you are a manager, leader or official, we invite you to be a role model and an inspiration for all. By adopting and implementing a pledge, you motivate everyone to promote improvement and change; and help overcome many barriers that prevent many workers from being creative. If you are a health care worker, we invite you to unleash your innovative ideas that can help change the life of a beneficiary of the services you provide!

Adopted Criteria for Pledges

What is your pledge?
Make your pledge, no matter how simple it may be, to ensure the safety of health care workers. Sigh up with us before 17/9/2020!

Institutions / individuals wishing to participate in the “Change Day” initiative are expected to undertake initiatives and activities that would change and improve the processes and procedures in place within any of the following criteria:
1. Training, empowerment and resource and supply management;
2. Health and psychological support;
3. Social responsibility and client empowerment;
4. Preparedness and the provision of a safe environment.

*Please note that the detailed explanations under all the main criteria above are explanations of the criteria within which pledges can be made. All ideas regarding initiatives and activities that would improve health care quality and services are welcome.
*When carrying out pledged activities and initiatives, please observe the Defense Order No. 11 and all public safety rules relating to the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Institutions / individuals can pledge initiatives and activities that would improve the quality of health care services within any of the following criteria:

No. Pledge Criteria Health Care Managers and Leaders Health Care Workers


Training, Empowerment and Resource and Supply Management

I pledge to provide and increase access to the latest references, manuals, resources and scientific networks relating to the safety of workers and patients.

I pledge to increase the training plans and programs relating to public safety, infection control and labor rights and laws.

I pledge to empower and support public safety officers in the hospital to carry out their responsibilities as per the highest quality standards, and to hold weekly meetings with them to review their periodic reports and carry out their recommendations.

I pledge to empower works, each as per their training needs, using innovative ways including video conferences and various communication channels.

I pledge to effectively manage resources and supplies in a manner that ensures the procurement and provision of high-quality equipment, training venues, medical supplies, cleaning and disinfection materials, protective gear etc.

I pledge to develop a mechanism to monitor available quantities of resources and supplies, and a plan to address shortages if any.

I pledge to prepare and provide workers with an assessment form regarding resources and supplies, in order to collect their feedback on the quality of the same.

I pledge to stay abreast of the latest scientific and international manuals, and to comply with the best practices when carrying out my duties; in a manner that ensures my personal safety and the safety of people around me. I also pledge to share my findings with my management and colleagues.

I pledge to promote true information and warn against rumors; by means of innovative campaigns and effective ways of communication to ensure the spread and identification of the same.

I pledge to follow all the guidelines provided by the public safety committee and risk management officials regarding public safety measures in my institution.

I pledge to take part in all training sessions aimed at increasing my preparedness and efficiency to deal with risks and ensuring my own safety and the safety of people around me.

I pledge to preserve my institution’s stock of resources and supplies, and to periodically report on the consumption of the same.

I pledge to wear and dispose of personal protection gear in accordance with the applicable international protocol.

I pledge to fill out the feedback form relating to the quality of the resources and supplies provided by my institution, and to continuously submit my suggestions regarding them.


Health and Psychological Support

I pledge to implement and monitor the implementation of worker health support procedures through periodic examination and vaccination programs.

I pledge to comply with laws and regulations, while remaining flexible to adapt to circumstances in a manner that best serves the interests of my institution and workers, especially their psychological health.

I pledge to constantly take steps to improve the work environment, including providing special equipment in line with the exceptional circumstances and cases of workers in my institutions.

I pledge to provide appropriate mechanisms to provide workers with psychological support, such as contracting psychological health consultants, organizing continuous relevant training sessions or establishing specialized inpatient or outpatient clinics, and to monitor the implementation of the same.

I pledge to provide workers with means of protection from violence in the work environment; in the form of various monitoring, protection and awareness raising procedures.

I pledge to comply with the periodic health examinations and vaccines provided by my institution, and to seek health care when necessary.

I pledge to observe the psychological health of my colleagues and my institution’s visitors, and to arrange for holding psychological support groups.

I pledge to promptly seek advice and psychological support whenever I suffer from psychological stress.

I pledge to take care of my psychological health by following all the instructions of my psychological health counselor, and to take part in all relevant workshops and encourage people around me to do the same.

I pledge to promptly inform the relevant parties of any abuse I or any of my colleagues suffer.


Social Responsibility and Client Empowerment

I pledge to develop educational programs aimed at raising local and community awareness of public safety measures in health care institutions, using innovative ways that suit the current situation.

I pledge to maintain communication with local community representatives to listen to their suggestions and incorporate them in worker and patient health and safety strategies.

I pledge to design awareness raising campaigns for workers and the local community on public safety topics, and to set up committees specialized in this area.

I pledge to support all innovative and leading initiatives launched by workers in my institution or members of the local community, and to praise and appreciate the same.

I pledge to provide the patients and visitors with adequate guidance and advice with respect to their safety and the safety of their families when visiting my institution.

I pledge to provide the visitors with complete medical care information in an effective manner that ensures their full understanding of the same, and to advise them on the best health related decision.

I pledge to seize the opportunity to provide innovative educational session, in my institution or remotely, on the measures to be followed to ensure public safety in my health care institution.

I pledge to effectively communicate with all health care partners to manage health cases in a collaborative manner that ensures the effectiveness and continuity of care.


Preparedness and the Provision of a Safe Environment

I pledge to develop programs to ensure the preparedness and effective response of my institution in emergencies, including various scenarios, crisis management teams and stock monitoring.

I pledge to utilize the lessons learnt from our previous experience in dealing with COVID-19, and to employ them in my institution’s future plans.

I pledge to implement and monitor the implementation of all standards relating to the protection of the work and surrounding environment; through environment safety systems and requirements, and to continuously assess and improve the same.

I pledge to adopt a work environment that is free from blame and bullying, in order to support and motivate workers to fill out risk reporting forms.

I pledge to follow all instructions pertaining to social distancing, public safety and safe space in rooms, hallways, elevators etc.

I pledge to utilize the lessons learnt from our previous experience in dealing with COVID-19 pandemic, by increasing my preparedness to deal with any future emergency or crisis.

I pledge to comply with the medical waste management procedures, in order to handle the same in a manner that ensures the safety of workers and patients.

I pledge to refrain from smoking in any area where smoking is prohibited.

I pledge to report all risks related to public safety by filling out the relevant forms.

I pledge to follow all my institution’s instructions pertaining to social distancing, and public safety in all facilities, rooms, hallways, elevators etc.


Participation Form

Join us to make a difference in the standards of health care services and to activate the principles of patients safety; not only by pledges and suggestions, but also by sharing your success stories after the Change Day.