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Welcome to the official website of the Health Care Accreditation Council. Within these pages you will learn about our vision, mission, values, services, programs and latest news.

In 2007, along with some remarkable colleagues and partners, I had the vision of developing a system capable of improving and raising the bar of quality and patient safety in, and for, Jordan. I am proud to say I have been part of this important movement and the successes we have achieved together thus far.

Today, HCAC boasts more than 80 surveyors, all trained to support healthcare institutions assess their quality systems and patient safety efforts.  Over 100 healthcare institutions have been accredited, with many reaccredited for the second and third time. 2018 will see us running our 9th round of the National Quality and Safety Goals and our 5th Change Day Campaign, having just completed our 4th conference. We have more than 600 graduates of our courses supporting improved skills and capacity building for all health workers with more than 10 sets of standards for all types of healthcare institutions. And we did not stop there; we have successfully embraced our communities into this movement of quality and safety for better care.

We are the only institution in the Eastern Mediterranean region to achieve and maintain all of International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua www.isqua.org) accreditations and we have opened our wings to spread our expertise to many neighboring countries.

The vision has become a reality with the enormous efforts of the HCAC team, a small group of dedicated professionals with immense capabilities and enthusiastic passion towards the cause. I invite you to reach out to them and partner with them for effective and improved care.

Now more than ever, we are committed to ensuring the provision of high quality and safe care to people through a number of programs, processes and procedures in place to support our goals and improve performance.

Elsewhere on our website you will see tools and opportunities to become part of the change and to help drive it with us. You will also find research findings by reputable organizations showing the impact of HCAC on improving many aspects of the healthcare system in Jordan.

Our mission continues to compel us to work to continually improve our services to ensure a better patient experience. Our Board of Directors brings together individuals from public, private and nonprofit sectors with a diverse set of skills and expertise to support achieving our mission and vision. At each Board meeting, time is always allocated to reviewing performance, discussing achievements as well as opportunities for further improvement, and to establishing future goals and objectives.

We want to hear from you and are open to your comments and experiences. You can reach out to me personally on chairperson@hcac.com.jo. We welcome hearing your praises on our successes as well as any ideas you may have for improvement. Ultimately, we want to partner with each and every one of you to ensure better, more effective, safer and higher quality care for families and loved ones in Jordan and beyond.

Eng. Said Darwazah


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