Breast Imaging Units Certification Standards


A. Introduction

HCAC’s Breast Imaging Units Certification Standards is intended to guide managers and staff in breast imaging units to design and implement safe, quality services. The Breast Imaging Units Standards promote minimizing the screening process anxiety in addition to ensuring that the services are acceptable and appropriate to women. The Certification intends to minimize possible adverse effects of screening, such as radiation exposure, over-diagnosis, under-diagnosis, and unnecessary intervention. Additionally, appropriate and equitable access should be provided for groups of women with special needs.

B. Aim

Ensure and promote high quality of breast imaging services.

C. Framework and guiding principles of HCAC Hospital Standards

HCAC has set standards that maintain high quality screening and diagnostic results, which are achievable by most breast imaging units. The standards have been made consistent with other nationally agreed-upon guides, where appropriate. In particular, the Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnostic Guidelines is the recommended source for all clinical practice guidelines/protocols. All units that perform mammograms are encouraged to meet the standards.

D. Eligible Institutions

Any unit that offers breast imaging services (screening and/or diagnostic) is eligible for seeking Breast Imaging Unit Certification Standards.

E. Organization of the standards Manual

The HCAC Breast Imaging Units Certification Standards are organized around the most important functions common to all units. The standards are grouped according to the following functions or “clusters”, as they are called in the Manual:

Cluster 1: Professional Performance Standards

  • Organization and Leadership (OL)
  • Patient Right's (PR)
  • Professional Qualifications and Training Program (PQPT)
  • Professional Performance Evaluation (PE)


 Cluster 2: Clinical Performance Standards

  • Patient Assessment (PA)
  • Results and Reporting Management (RM)


 Cluster 3: Quality Management Standards

  • Technical Quality (TQ)
  • Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QS)
  • Health and Safety (HS)


 Cluster 4: Medical Records and Information Management

  • Medical records
  • Information Management

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