Main Theme: Engaging patients for patient safety and elevate the voice of care recipients as key decision-makers through the healthcare journey.
Objective: To highlight the experiences of accredited institutions, award their achievements in maintaining quality of care, patient safety, and involve patients and their families in the process of quality and safety improvement.
Duration : Between July 1, 2023 - October 15, 2023.
language: Arabic or English.

15 years ago, the Health Institutions Accreditation Council has pledged to be a beacon for patients, health care providers and their institutions, and in our role as main supporters of the health care wheel, and in line with the Council’s mission to advance continuous improvement in quality and health care safety, and on the sidelines of the Seventh Quality Conference, we are proud to launch our Quality Competition for accredited institutions Under the slogan “Patient Engagement for Patient Safety”.

Through the competition, the council seeks to highlight the experiences of accredited institutions and honor their achievements in maintaining the quality of care provided and patient safety, and to recognize the critical role that patients, families and caregivers play in health care safety. The competition, in its third year, aims to support quality and patient safety improvement programs, celebrate innovative ideas with a broad impact on patient involvement, and raise the voice of care recipients as major decision-makers in the healthcare journey.