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Representative Name

Sector/ Institution

1 HE. Eng. Said Darwazah (Chairman) Health Sector
2 Dr. Fawzi Al Hammouri (Vice Chairman) Private Hospitals Association
3 HE. Dr. Rowida Al Ma'aitah Academia
4 HE. Mr. Fares Qatarneh Legal
5 Ms. Reem Badran Marketing
6 Mr. Khaled Rabab'a Nursing Syndicte
7 Mr. Fawaz Ajlouni - Secretary General Jordan Association for Medical Insurance 
8 HE. Dr. Ammar Al Shorafa'a (Secretary General of MoH) Government Contributions Directorate - Ministry of Finance
9 HE. Dr. Mohammad Abdullat (Secretary General) Jordan Medical Council
10 Dr. Rehab Ghanma Royal Medical Services
11 Mr. Wadah Barqawi Finance and Economy
12 Ms. Randa Al Saifi Patients representative
13 Dr. Islam Massad Jordan University Hospital


Honorary BOD members:

1 Dr. Moen Habashneh

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