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Membership Certificate 2020
Membership Certificate 2020

HCAC accreditation Board (HCAC) and in partnership with the Association of Private Hospitals (PHA) has joined the International Federation of hospitals (IHF), thus representing Jordan's full membership in the Union, which came in coordination with all government, private and private health sectors Military and Academy. 

Membership of the International Federation of Hospitals Accreditation Board of the International Federation of Hospitals is demonstrating its support for the health sector in Jordan and encouragement to its healthcare providers, and in recognition of the Council's tireless efforts towards issues of improving the quality of health services as well, and Thus he shares his membership with many hospital unions and representative bodies related to health care in different countries of the world. The International Federation of Hospitals aims to improve the performance of healthcare institutions in the world by supporting local initiatives in different countries aimed at improving the quality of performance in their institutions, and provides its members an international platform for interaction, cooperation and free exchange of ideas Experience and information are among their health institutions, which contributes to a better future for health care in the world and enhances the response, efficiency and effectiveness of their systems and programs. Undoubtedly, Jordan's membership in the Union will contribute to building on the experiences of the world in health care issues, especially in dealing with the recent ko-19 pandemic, and will also serve as a platform to highlight the successes of the sector Jordanian health with all its components, as well as the role of membership is crucial in enhancing Jordan's international status in health.


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