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Frequently Asked Questions

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The healthcare institution is required to show the commitment of the following:
Adopting the HCAC Accreditation Standards.
Conducting self-assessment to determine the extent to which healthcare institutions are applying these standards.
Developing an action plan for achieving the standards that are not being applied (the time required and the person responsible for achieving it).
The implementation of the Action Plan and to overcome all the obstacles and difficulties by working within the same team to achieve the standards.
Ascertain the readiness of healthcare institution for accreditation and obtaining it in accordance with the conditions and the standards of the accreditation.
Apply for accreditation from the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC).
Yes, participation in the accreditation process is voluntary and available to all healthcare institutions, not only in Jordan but also in the region.
After undergoing the on-site survey, organizations may be granted one of the following accreditation decisions:
1. Accreditation with distinction for two years
2. Accreditation for two years
3. Reassessment of some standards after three or six months (with the list of standards)
4. Accreditation is not awarded
At the end of the facility survey, surveyors will send their report of findings to HCAC's Director of Surveys and Standards Development who will review the report for consistency and accuracy. Thereafter, each survey report is sent to the HCAC board for their concurrence on the recommendations and accreditation decision
It takes about 40 days after the end of the survey
It takes two to four months upon receipt of a completed application for survey
The survey fee itself depends upon the size and range of services offered by the healthcare institution and is not determined until an application is received and reviewed.
Price List for Local Market

You can contact us through Email: or you can call HCAC at Tel: 9626 5814100 Fax: 962 6 5853070 and request us to fax or email one to you.
There is no fee for the application form.

Yes; HCAC will be involved in the consultation process during the construction as well as capacity building. However for granting accreditation; the healthcare institution should be functioning for at least six months.

Yes; HCAC is an internationally recognized organization, which has strived from its onset to ensure all its work is performed at international best practice levels, by having all of its services accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua). The ISQua is responsible for assessing the standards of organizations that set the benchmarks in healthcare safety and quality and is the only organization to “accredit the accreditors.”

The accreditation award is valid for two years; however there is a midpoint assessment one year after the accreditation.

No. It is a non-profit private shareholding company

No; accreditation is a voluntary process

A sentinel event is an unexpected occurrence involving death, or serious injury. Serious injury specifically includes loss of limb or function. A sentinel event may occur due to wrong site, wrong patient, and wrong procedure surgery. Such events are called “sentinel” because they signal a need for immediate investigation and response.

Complaints are registered and accepted by telephone, fax, posted mail or electronic communication. When the complaint/incident is received via telephone, the caller is requested to and instructed how to submit the complaint/incident in writing and provide an e-mail address. When the report is received via fax or posted mail, the date that the report was received in central office is stamped on the face of the document.

The healthcare institution can appeal on the accreditation decision within 20 calendar days of receiving the accreditation decision. The healthcare institution has another 20 days to submit to the HCAC, in writing, acceptable data and information to support its appeal.

No; HCAC only announces the accredited healthcare institutions.

No, you need to order a copy of the standards from HCAC by posting a request via the website through.

Each healthcare institution is encouraged, but not required, to report to the Council any sentinel event. Alternatively, the Council may become aware of a sentinel event by some other means such as communication from a patient, a family member, an employee of the healthcare institution, a surveyor, or through the media. The accredited healthcare institution is expected to do the following:

  • Prepare a thorough and credible action plan within 45 calendar days of the event or of becoming aware of the event.
  • Submit to the Council its root cause analysis and action plan, or otherwise provide the Council with an evaluation of its response to the sentinel event.

Mock survey is a mimic of the actual accreditation survey, once the healthcare institution deems that it has implemented the HCAC Accreditation Standards within its processes and systems. The Mock survey would be done by HCAC Certified Surveyors against the HCAC Accreditation Standards and a report is issued at the end of the Mock survey highlighting the key exemplary areas and also the areas where the healthcare institution did not meet standards which are the basis for accreditation.

The objective behind the Mock survey is to provide the healthcare institution with a rehearsal opportunity on their readiness for the accreditation and provide them with guidance on whether the healthcare institution can or cannot be accredited at that certain time.

No Questions available

They are educational workshops designed to facilitate a successful accreditation process for a healthcare facility. They cover the trainings necessary to support capacity building for implementing the identified policies, procedures, plans, and clinical guidelines compulsory for a healthcare institution to achieve accreditation under the HCAC Accreditation Standards.

HCAC will conduct a general assessment to your healthcare institution or support your healthcare institution’s self-assessment. Based on the results of the assessment, healthcare institution leaders, with HCAC support, can select those educational sessions, which will provide the healthcare institution and the staff with the necessary information and skills development to successfully implement the identified standards and address necessary improvements

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