Our Surveyors
Who is a Surveyor?

A person with an in-depth knowledge of quality, accreditation and healthcare accreditation standards; has effective communication, interviewing, and teaching skills; and is considered to be a “peer” by the healthcare institution or program that is being assessed by said surveyor.

An HCAC Certified Surveyor benefits the surveyors themselves, their institutions and the healthcare sector as a whole.

Surveyors Profile
Benefits for Surveyors:
  • An opportunity to learn from other institutions
  • A chance to contribute to the quality of services in institutions
  • Recognition of personal achievement and excellence in the field
  • An opportunity for professional networking
  • Training that meets international requirements
  • Complimentary HCAC publications, including the standards manual
Benefits for the Surveyors Institutions:
  • New ideas generation
  • An opportunity for innovations to be shared with others
  • Exposure to national and international trends in the field
  • Staff members who are up-to-date with changes in healthcare quality and accreditation
Benefits for the Healthcare Sector:
  • Peer review based on field-responsive standards that ensure quality services
  • The exchange of ideas and practices
HCAC Surveyors  

Surveyors are a valuable and essential part of the HCAC accreditation process as they bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise. HCAC surveyors are involved during the assessment activity of the on-site survey process. During the on-site survey, a team of peers conducts an on-site survey of the healthcare facility.

HCAC surveyors are trained to evaluate the healthcare institution’s compliance with HCAC standards, identify the institution’s strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations for continuous improvement.

HCAC surveyors are not inspectors; they approach the on-site survey in a collegial manner and evaluate the hospital’s level of performance and compliance to the HCAC Hospital Accreditation Standards. The survey report that accompanies each accreditation survey is a valuable educational resource. It details exemplary areas and standards that were not met or partially met in the Hospital.

Become an HCAC Certified Surveyor

Surveyor Selection Criteria:
  • Have a total experience not less than 10 years in healthcare organizations.
  • Have five years of experience as any of the following: Hospital Director, Medical Director, Matron/Director of Nursing or Hospital Administrator; a  physician heading a hospital department or a Primary Health Care Center; a pharmacist who has managed a large hospital pharmacy; or a Quality  Improvement Coordinators.
  • Interested in and enthusiastically support quality improvement and the accreditation process.
  • Good interpersonal and interviewing skills
  • Demonstrated ability in teaching
  • Ability to speak, read, and write in both English and Arabic
  • Good computer skills including use of Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Ability to work both independently and within a team
  • Good time management, analytical, and observation skills
  • The candidate must desire to perform the job of a surveyor rather than be obliged to do so.
  • Trained surveyors need to cover both the private and the public sectors followed by primary healthcare facilities.
  • Survey teams should have affiliations with multiple healthcare sectors, with the majority being drawn from a dissimilar sector of the institution being  surveyed.
  • Surveyors will work as a mixed professional team rather than being of one profession.
  • Self-study of standards, survey process and scoring as well as the successful completion of the take home exam. Attending all training modules is  also a must.
  • Observing a real or mock survey conducted by experienced international surveyors.
  • Conducting mock surveys under the observation of experienced international surveyors. The number of surveys required is based on the evaluation  of the experienced international surveyors.
  • Demonstrating the ability to write a survey report including scoring, findings and recommendations for each standard that was not fully met.
To ensure the surveyors’ credibility, there needs to be a formal process to provide certification to those who can demonstrate their ability. This certification will be granted by the Health Care Accreditation Council Board.
  • Completion of steps 1 – 4 of the training requirements.
  • Passing a written test on the standards and survey process.
  • Having the endorsement and recommendation of the supervising experienced surveyor.
  • Having the HCAC Board’s final approval.

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