Because HCQP provides participants with knowledge and skills to lead continuous quality improvement and patient safety programs within the healthcare organization. The certification course will emphasize team-based learning in the classroom with participants working in groups to collaborate discuss and solve problems.

What is HCQP?

HCQP is an eight-month certification course consisting of classroom and practicum training.
This certification course offers healthcare providers about 400 credit hours.

What will you gain?

Join leaders in quality to:

  • Use terminology common to quality professionals.
  • Read and discuss quality concepts and apply to practice.
  • Read and discuss current quality literature and adapt learning to practice.
  • Use various quality methods and tools to facilitate quality improvement activities.
  • Implement effective change management strategies.
  • Effectively lead quality teams within respective facilities to improve the quality of care and services.

What topics will the course cover?

The course includes the following modules:

  • Healthcare quality concepts.
  • Quality leadership.
  • Quality management systems.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Information management.
  • Performance measurement.
  • External quality monitoring systems.

Who should attend?

This course is recommended for:

  • Quality improvement coordinators.
  • Quality improvement and patient safety committee members.
  • Infection prevention and control practitioners.
  • Safety officers.
  • Risk managers.

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