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The Health Care Accreditation Council, a non-profit organization based in Jordan, was established to drive continuous improvement of the quality and safety of health care facilities, services and programs, and to foster patient-centered care through the development of internationally accepted standards, capacity building and awarding accreditation, in partnership with local and regional stakeholders.

The Health Care Accreditation Council is seeking to recruit a qualified Guidelines Development Officer of the project focusing on the inclusion of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) children in the Jordanian education system for 18 months.

To be considered for a positions, qualified applicants must submit via email a CV and cover letter, in English, detailing their qualifications, experience and relevant skills, to .

The position title must be specified in the subject line of the email. The deadline for applications is 7 of January 2021.

Position Title

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Guidelines Development Officer


· The guidelines development officer will be responsible for timely and effective planning and execution of the guidelines development process, effective resource utilization, partnerships and coordination with relevant technical stakeholders, and supervision and teamwork with the subject matter experts.


· Conduct desktop research for the national and the international Autism Spectrum Disorder “ASD” best practices and norms.

· Ensure the guidelines for delivery of services to ASD children are consistent with applicable laws and regulations and the rights-based approach.

· Coordinate and monitor all activities related to the guidelines development including guidelines review workshops, focus group meetings, field testing, dissemination workshops, etc.

· Ensure consultation with all relevant stakeholders to get their input during the guideline’s development activities.

· Maintain regular communication and engagement of national and international counterparts, consultants and experts and ensuring quality and timely delivery of all agreed outputs.

· Prepare reports related to guidelines development activities and ensure timely submission ofthe reports to the relevant stakeholders.

· Ensure the complete documentation of all guideline’s development respective activities.

· Report on data on a regular basis to measure achievement against the performance indicators.


· Bachelor’s degree or higher in social sciences, social work, health care, or other related field.

· At least two years of demonstrated experience in national and international guidelines and best practices.

· Experience in conducting participatory workshops and consultative meetings.


· Fluent in English and Arabic (written and spoken)

· Good communication and interpersonal skills.

· Facilitation skills

· Presentation skills

· Time management

· Report writing skills



The Health Care Accreditation Council is an equal opportunities organization


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