HCAC is seeking professional services from a qualified International Expert


The Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) is a non-profit organization, based out of Amman, Jordan and is focused on improving quality and patient safety in the Middle East and North Africa. Amongst its responsibilities, HCAC develops internationally accepted health care standards and assists health care facilities to meet and maintain those standards. Such standards fulfill, in part, the HCAC mission to drive the continuous improvement of the quality and safety of health care facilities, services and programs and foster patient-centered care.

HCAC has published the first edition of its Medical Laboratory Standards in 2017.The standards provide the guiding framework within which laboratory performance is evaluated, and specify quality management essentials in the laboratory. Recently the standards were revised and updated in accordance to HCAC standards revision and approval policy.

Therefore, HCAC is seeking professional services from a qualified international expert to conduct an international expert review of the HCAC Medical Laboratory Standards to validate that the standards are based on current evidence-based practice and thus, internationally acceptable before being approved and published.

Qualification and Experience Requirements:

  • • Strong experience and knowledge in Medical Laboratory science and practices.
  • • knowledge in international laboratory accreditation and quality systems.
  • • Experience in the development and review of internationally renowned standards.
  • • Certification as Medical Laboratory Assessor is preferable (CAP, JCI, ISO, etc.).


expert is required to review the HCAC Medical Laboratory Standards and the measurable elements to determine whether they are based on current evidence-based guidelines and are programmatically sound.

If you feel you have the qualifications please send your CV to the following address:

We appreciate if you send your CV before Sunday, 15th of December 2019.


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