Why Get Accredited?

Nowadays, accreditation is acknowledged as a process designed to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of a healthcare institution’s structures, processes and outcomes.

The identified benefits of accreditation are often viewed as:

  • Enhancing patient safety by effectively managing and mitigating clinical and safety related risks.
  • Ensuring an acceptable level of quality among healthcare providers.
  • Stimulating sustainable quality improvement (QI) and continuously raising the QI initiatives’ bar.
  • Enhancing institutions’ understanding of the continuum of care by focusing on performance improvement.
  • Polishing the reputation amongst end-users and enhancing their awareness and perception of quality care and boosting healthcare facilities’ competitiveness edge.
  • Promoting capacity-building and institutional learning.
  • Providing a framework that assists in the creation and implementation of systems and processes that improve operational effectiveness and enhance positive health outcomes.

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HCAC 4th Conference from 4-6 Dec 2017

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