HCAC Accreditation

The Health Care Accreditation Council has developed and embraced a world renowned methodology for assessing healthcare institutions to determine if they meet a set of standards designed to improve quality of care. (HCAC also develops these Standards)

We truly believe that once accreditation standards are implemented,healthcare institutions become more compliant with the requirements of providing safe and quality care.

Additionally, they are required to constantly monitor structures, processes and outcomes, measure indicators, evaluate, and continuously improve the quality of healthcare services.

HCAC accreditation is a recognition that a healthcare institution or program has met the defined number of standards for quality and safety of their services, and that it can be recognized for it for a specific period of time  HCAC By-laws.

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Accreditation Process

Our accreditation model sees the accreditation process as an ongoing drive for continuous improvement, in which healthcare institutions and professionals become the managers of their own development.

The Survey

HCAC has its own set of standards that are accredited by ISQua and can award accreditation against those standards. HCAC has a very stringent approach to accreditation. It all starts with filling an application; institutions then assess themselves and prepare for a surveying visit. They are visited by competent well trained surveyors who conduct a walk through and meet with the institution from a peer perspective; this is done with educational intentions not inspection goals. Accordingly they are able to measure performance in tandem with the standards.

The Measures

HCAC surveyors are required to use the measurable elements in the standards to determine whether the institution has met, partially met, or did not meet the standard requirement. Based on these findings, calculations are made to recommend awarding of an accreditation. HCAC requires 100% compliance with the critical standards.

Follow Up and Mid Point

Sustainability of compliance of quality measures and patient safety practices is core to the HCAC goals. HCAC is among very few organizations that award accreditations and certifications for only two years, this is very specific to the needs of the Arab region in order to maintain a level of quality and patient safety and instill this culture in day-to-day practices. Once an institution is accredited, a very rigorous midpoint assessment entailing self-evaluation, unannounced visits and very strict consequences happens half way between the accreditation and re-accreditation time.

Mock Surveys

HCAC provides mock surveys that are conducted by surveyors and mimic a real survey. Healthcare institutions opt for this service to ensure their readiness and the readiness of their team members, or even when they have crossed many stages in preparing for accreditation and want to identify areas of weaknesses and needs.

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