Vision, Mission and Values


To drive the continuous improvement of the quality and safety of health care facilities, services and programs and foster patient-centered care through developing internationally accepted standards, capacity building and awarding accreditation in partnership with local and regional stakeholders.


Leading health care quality and patients’ safety in Jordan and the region.


The HCAC will uphold the following values when making decisions about quality and safety of healthcare facilities and services:

  • Continuous Improvement: We understand the importance of periodic evaluation of what we do in order to improve our methods, speed of delivery, efficiency and effectiveness. We also believe that knowledge is power; we are proud to be a learning organization; and we will establish and maintain programs that further the education and skill development of both our staff members and clients.
  • Customer Focus: The actions of the HCAC board and staff will focus on the clients’ needs at all times while we ensure patient centred care is promoted in every aspect of deliverables. 
  • Integrity and Impartiality: HCAC board and staff will, at all times, treat all  parties without favouritism in its work and hiring practices and be honest in all dealings internally and externally, while striving to meet the highest ethical standards.
  • Learning: Knowledge is power and HCAC takes pride in being a learning organization; it values learning and education and will establish and maintain programs that further the education and skill development of both its staff members and customers.
  • Teamwork: HCAC services are provided by a team of professionals and supportive staff members where every team member is important and has a role to play in satisfying our clients’ needs. We will listen, respect, and value shared ideas.
  • Equality and Transparency: We promote equality among all community members, and we are equally transparent and accountable for all decisions and actions pertaining to stakeholders and in keeping with their rights for confidentiality.
Job Vacancies!
Job Vacancies!
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Job Vacancy - Institutional Development Officer
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Change Day 2016
Change Day 2016
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