The quality competition evaluation process will consist of four stages:

  • Initial filtering & classification
  • Initial Judging
  • Final Judging

1.1    Initial Filtering-Eligibility:

Applications will be classified according to the category of the participating institutions, making sure that they fulfill the conditions for participation and the eligibility criteria.

1.2    Initial Filtering- completeness of application:

Applications will be accepted and transferred to the other evaluation stages if all the requirements for participation are met, in terms of:

1.    Completeness of required healthcare institution biographical data.

2.    Completeness of required quality project.

•  Clear and detailed problem statement.

•  Defined project objectives.

•  Operational (Action) plan.

•  Key performance indicators.

•  Project team, at least three members.

•  Project outcomes and impact.

•  Main challenges.

•  Continuity and sustainability plan.

Applications will be presented to a jury of experts in areas of health management, improvement and innovation programs. It should be noted that the committee is composed of five independent members who do not occupy positions in any of the participating health sectors, and their interests do not conflict with the results of the competition.

The initial judging process will be done by following the "blind" judging method, whereby the jury will review the files of the participating projects, without knowing the name of the institution or its sector:

Applications will be evaluated against the following judging criteria:

1.   Alignment with the competition’s strategic objective (15 %).

2.   Clear problem statement (10%).

3.   Solution effectiveness (15%).

4.   Innovation (15 %).

5.   Social Impact (20%).

6.   Potential sustainability (20%).

7.   Team capabilities & effective governance (10%).

Upon completion of the initial judging phase, the top 30% of the submitted projects in each category will be qualified for the final judging stage.

After the initial judging process to evaluate the content of the projects by the committee, the finalists will go through the final judging stage to present their projects remotely through Zoom technology and answer the questions of the jury.

Presented projects will be evaluated against the following judging criteria:

1.   Completeness of required presentation elements. (15%)

2.   Clarity & strength of the presented content. (20%)

3.   project team collaboration. (15%)

4.   Level of engagement and response to the Jury’s questions. (20%)

5.   Project team knowledge & involvement. (15%)

6.   Clarity of future direction & sustainability plan. (15%)

At the end of the judging phase, the final results will be calculated, and the winners of the gold, silver and bronze awards will be determined in each category of the participating institutions.