Request for Quotation - Designing Services, Media Visibility Materials and Social media organizers for the Change Day


Request for Quotation

Designing Services, Media Visibility Materials and Social media organizers for the Change Day



Due to the success, growing, and increasingly focused past eight Change Day initiatives, HCAC will initiate its ninth change day activity, with a focus on Elevate the voice of patients! on 18th of September, 2023, which coincides with The World Patient Safety Day launched by WHO.

As part of its “Change Day” communications works, HCAC publishes a number of communications materials and knowledge products.

Preparation for these publications involves a professional layout design, content generation, proof reading, analysis, graphic designs, illustration, photography and videoing.

To ensure that the publications are designed and printed in time, HCAC is seeking professional companies to provide high quality layout/design services.



The goal of the 2023 Change Day is to increase public awareness and engagement amongst healthcare institutions, health care providers, as well as patients on the importance of patient safety culture and to spotlight its effect on the health care journey within institutions, thus helping patients be more aware and engaged in their own care.

Participation in 2023 Change Day will be in the form of pledges from all of the health sector workers, who will then put it into effect on the day of the event.

Change Day will focus exclusively on Engaging Patients for Patient Safety for the following reasons:

  • Raise global awareness of the need for active engagement of patients and their families and caregivers in all settings and at all levels of health care to improve patient safety.
  • Engage policy-makers, health care leaders, health and care workers, patients’ organizations, civil society and other stakeholders in efforts to engage patients and families in the policies and practices for safe health care.
  • Empower patients and families to be actively involved in their own health care and in the improvement of safety of health care.
  • Advocate urgent action on patient and family engagement.





HCAC is looking for a professional layout designing company in Short-Term Agreement to provide high quality design service for its publications. Under the overall supervision and guidance of the Communications Unit, the company will provide a professional and high-quality print layout design of publications and others mentioned in the list below based on the contents given by HCAC.

  1. Design anything related to the event such as: (Website sliders, Facebook cover, 20-30 Facebook design, Roll up, Flyer, Pins, Profile picture, Poster, ext.).
  2. Video with HCAC CEO (60-120) seconds.
  3. Moderate our Facebook page on the whole event. (1-Aug-2023 to 20-Sep-2023).
  4. Broadcast.
  5. Help to build the content.
  6. Photographer for 5 days – 2 hours.



  • The offeror will have to deliver in a very short notice during the Change Day event.
  • Will have to share draft design, solicit comments and incorporate them during the process of finalizing the reports. This may involve several back and forth between HCAC and the designer.
  • Deadline for receiving the quotations: June 15th, 2023
  • VALIDITY OF THE OFFER: Your quotation must be valid for a period of 150 days from the quotation submission deadline.


Skills required:

  1. Offeror shall have at least 5 years of experience of print and layout design of web contents, books and other publications.
  2. Offeror shall have prior experience of work with international as well as national organizations.


Please send your Quotations, to For more information, please contact 0791539130